Known by the company you keep

On Monday, Feb 18, George HW Bush (the elder, Bush 41) endorsed the other old guy, John McCain. Pres Bush believes the war in Iraq is going well and the strategy we are using is working well.The number of people who think the war is going well is quite small. I’m not saying we should cut and run, but the way we are dealing with the Middle East is all wrong. The best John McCain will do is to be even more hard-line, although it probably won’t cost near as much as Bush has been spending.

There’s a new poll from Gallup asking people if they would like a previous president. JFK was the top winner, with Reagan a close secong, followed by Lincoln, FDR and Clinton. The current president, George W Bush, is tied for last with his father and Richard Nixon.

In my opinion, Kennedy & Reagan (and to some extent, Clinton) offered change from deep-seated dissatisfaction in Government. GW Bush was the least offensive alternative to old-guard Democrats, but the poll clearly shows he would not win re-election this time if he were eligible. So why would McCain want Bush’s endorsement? Unless he’s more about looking backward than being an agent of change.


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