Help needed – message from Amy

Amy Hale is the Huckabee state coordinator in Maine. She sent an email reminding us that when Romney dropped out, his delegates were released from obligation. He can request they support McCain, but if you read the Romney blogs, most oppose all 3 Senators running. She reminds us that McCain has to win his own delegates, but all Huckabee has to do is keep him from winning them, in order to have a brokered convention and a shot at winning the nomination.

Saturday, 16 February, 2008 02:20

Sorry I have not emailed everyone very much lately but I have been busy trying to help out RI and VT with their upcoming primaries/caucuses. …

Even though our caucus is over, Mike still needs our help. Phone calls to WI, TX, and OH are going to be more important than ever. With the media giving the impression that McCain has his nomination in the bag, we need to let people know in states that have yet to vote that McCain does NOT have the nomination sewn up.

Romney endorsing McCain, while it makes me ill, was not unexpected. We have known for months that Romney is in politics for himself. I feel sure there was a deal made behind the scenes of that one. However, Romney may ASK his delegates to vote for McCain at the Convention but they do not HAVE to. Most delegates in caucuses are unbound (like ours here in ME) and can vote for who they want. MI had already released the delegates for Romney, so they can vote for whomever they want.

Romney campaigned as a conservative. Many of his supporters bought into that. I think that his endorsement of McCain only shows Romney’s true colors. If Romney’s delegates wanted a conservative, then they are NOT going to vote for McCain. It makes me angry to hear the pundits say that the Republicans will line up behind McCain (like good little soldiers). As if we didn’t have minds of our own. Mike has promised to stay in this race so that the voters have a voice and a choice. We need to get that word out to people everywhere.

The race is not lost. The goal now is to get people to vote for Mike and show the media and the pundits that they are not the voice of the voters, that we the people choose our president, not them. We CAN do this. But we have to work at it. Please make phone calls to WI between now and Monday night. That is our first battleground. I know it is not comfortable for many of you, but there is a script to use to get you started. And then just speak your heart. Let people know Mike is still a viable candidate. Let people know that their vote DOES count. Let them know that if McCain does not get those magic number of delegates then Mike has a very good chance at the convention.

We can do this. We are strong. WE ARE HUCK’s ARMY!!

Amy Hale,
Maine State Coordinator


4 Responses to Help needed – message from Amy

  1. Scott Lee says:

    We should be insisting on a one on one Debate with Sen. McCain Mike would really shine in this event, and some incredible contrast would be seen by everyone.

  2. esipfle says:

    Hi Everyone, This is GREAT Video (click here) of Janet Huckabee @ the MI GOP! It shows the volunteers out in STONG numbers, the Camera follows Janet from room to room & shows the Delegates giving her a Standing Ovation & Cheering her speech — and it shows all of us == we look GREAT!!! Please pass this on to everyone & all meet up groups — let them see the enthusiasm in the crowds of Delegates!!! Post this to all web sites, blogs, etc . . . all you youngsters know how to do this — I’m not that great at it!! Liz:)

    (Note: Read the story and then click on the video link in the left top corner – Mike)

  3. I agree with Amy Hale’s Message, and I am so gald Mike is still in the race.
    Would someone please get the word to John McCane about how pre-mature it is for him to be be announcing a victory dinner as to say it’s all wrapped up !
    A debate with these two would be great to hear.

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