Close, but…Wait!

The media said it was all over.  All week long, everyone said Huckabee was done, had no following, couldn’t win. 

Some people believed him.  I talked to a lady who voted for McCain even though she supported Huckabee, because the news told her Huck couldn’t win. 

Even McCain started believing the press.  That is, until the returns started coming in.  As John himself said, Huckabee was a strong competitor, and almost won Virginia.  And did it without having to go negative on the other candidates.

But we lost Tuesday.  Not by much, but enough in a winner-take-all state.  It is increasingly unlikely Gov Huckabee can win outright before the convention.  But it’s not a sure thing that Sen McCain will will outright.  And if no one wins before the Convention, it’s possible the convention itself could choose the candidate from among all those who have not withdrawn. 

So who hasn’t withdrawn?  McCain, Huckabee, Paul … and Romney (who only suspended his campaign).  If we make it to the convention, any one of these four could become the candidate.

Any one of those four could become an embarrassment to the party in the next few months.  Remember John Dean’s scream?  Allen’s “Macaca” comment? Nixon sweating during the questioning in the debate?

The only thing I know for sure is that I can trust Mike Huckabee to be articulate, consistent … and gracious.

I’m also sure Mike Huckabee will not back down.  He knows he has an army of volunteers who emerge from the woodwork to confound the pundits.  He knows he can run a campaign on short money, because when all you say is the truth, it makes news.


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