What an inspiration!

I took some time off work today to drive across the river to see Gov Huckabee in Virginia Beach.  About 600 of us packed a ballroom at the Holiday Inn.

He was introduced by Duncan Hunter! Hunter said that when he left the presidential race, he looked around to see which candidate matched the values that mattered to him. He had not met Gov Huckabee until the debates, but was impressed with him, and was proud to offer his endorsement.

What Sen Hunter offers is experience on the Armed Forces committee. He also brings experience building a fence along the Mexican border that cut illegal immigration by 90% and lowered crime. Duncan Hunter was my tentative choice until I started watching Mike Huckabee’s videos on YouTube.

After soem tidbits for the cameras, Gov Huckabee began to teach. He quoted the Constitution: “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” So basic, so fundamental, so clear there should not need to be any debate about them.

What truths? “…that all men are endowed by their Creator…” All men. Not just those born to privilege. Not just those born to money. Governor Huckabee reminded us that most people in the world never leave the town of their birth, never get to consider a profession different from their parent, never get even to consider themselves even equal with the leader. When our Constitution was written, it was a radical idea. “All men endowed…” by God to have the ability to do more.

“… Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” All people deserve the right to life, and that all should have the freedom and opportunity to pursue their highest purposes. Whether that person is not yet born or is dying in a hospital bed, all people deserve life.

He also promised fairness. He promised a government that leveled the economic playing field for manufacturers by reducing the tax burden so the American manufacturer can compete with foreign producers. He promised a secure border and a fair immigration policy.

And he talked about the role of government, saying Washington has forgotten they work for us, and instead have come to believe that we the taxpayers, the citizens, are there to serve them. He promised to be the servant leader we all want.

In all, it was time well spent.


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