Working the room

OK it looked a little staged, but it was fun anyway. Mike Huckabee appeared with Steven Colbert to take on the media that had all but crowned McCain the Republican champion. In the spot, he “storms” onstage and interrupts the newcast mid-sentence.

Colbert: So you’re still in the race?

Huckabee: Yes! Hello?

Colbert: Well I just watched the news and they seemed to be giving it to John McCain. Let me ask you something. Do you still think you can beat John McCain?

Huckabee: Certainly. If I didn’t, I’d disappear.


Then the two of them go to the air hockey table and play for Texas. Colbert asks why the people of Texas would vote for Huckabee. He replies “I understand barbecue.”

It’s a great piece of comic relief in the middle of a very busy weekend. Take a look:


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