The “frontrunner” loses Kansas

They said it was all over.  McCain was crowned President by the media.  Romney had already cut his losses.  Why shouldn’t Huckabee give up, too?  Even the American Conservative Union took him off the published agenda. (All other candidates were on the agenda, but Huckabee was only listed as “speaker.”)

Because the people want change.  Americans are tired of business as usual.  That’s why Obama continues on, even though the establishment says Hillary is the “only logical choice.”

Today, Feb 9, the media was quiet.  Huckabee won 60% of the Kansas vote – and all the delegates, even though their Governor (Sam Brownback)  endorsed McCain.   Governor Huckabee outproduced McCain 2-1.  He had similar results in Louisiana and Washington.  Exit polls suggest most who would have voted for Romney gave their support to Huckabee.

According to AP staff writers Mike Mokrzycki and Janet McConnaughey, American voters say ‘the most important candidate quality is that he “says what he believes.” One in five voters said that was the top quality and Huckabee won half of them.’

The media continues to ignore Governor Huckabee.  I won’t.  You shouldn’t either.


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