Why is Huckabee the right choice?

Governor Huckabee went on the O’Reilly Factor on Feb 4. It was a chance to get the unvarnished truth out, full quotes instead of sound bites.

I became a supporter when I listened to a full 30-minute speech on youtube. When Governor Huckabee is given a chance to explain his ideas, you come away understanding how truly refreshing he is. There’s no other Republican with this kind of thinking.

Here how he describes why he’s running:

“People are looking for leadership; people who have the experience. And Bill, I think when they look at all the factors, they need somebody who has the vision, the stamina, the background to say I know how to make decisions and to make them work in a practical way. I’m still looking for a smooth stone tomorrow against the giants, and I believe it’ll happen.”

And for Huckabee’s chances, Bill O’Reilly hearkened back to the experience of Senator McCain. “John McCain, we pointed out at the top of the program, was dead in the water in the summer; made a stunning comeback. … McCain has gotten much more favorable media coverage than you or Romney has. Everybody knows that.”

The words of Governor Huckabee show wisdom: “The media shouldn’t be picking the president, you know. The New York Times today did a piece on the CNN debate and the fact that they specifically locked the cameras on two candidates, showing that the media can very much influence the perception.

Piercing insight into what’s going on behind what’s seen by the public. That’s the kind of leader we need at the world’s bargaining tables to restore the reputation of the US in the international community.

And that’s why I support Governor Huckabee for President.


2 Responses to Why is Huckabee the right choice?

  1. Ryan says:

    This is all fine and nice, but rather vague. You can point at any candidate and argue that they have leadership, stamina, and decision making skills. If this is all you think of when you look at Huckabee, you should take a closer look at his policies, stances, and quotes. He’s often touting his religious background during appearances; doesn’t that factor in at all? It shouldn’t in a nation with separation of Church and state, but that hasn’t stopped many candidates…

  2. mike4mike says:

    Ryan, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, though all claim leadership, not all posses the kind of leadership I want to follow. The more I look at the alternatives, the more I like Huckabee. As for his religious background, yes, that’s a plus, because it shows deep-seated character not swayed by popular opinion, but rooted in fundamental beliefs in the worth of every human being. (Remember that the second half of that amendment says that not only would Congress make no laws creating a national religion, they also would not make any laws prohibiting the free exercise of faith.)

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