Politics as usual

I read that Senator McCain is picking up endorsements all over the place.  Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota is endorsing Senator McCain, even though most (all) of the endorsement speeches are happening outside Minnesota. 

 What’s going on?  I believe it’s old-style back-room politics.  Pawlenty is seen as running for Vice President.  Others are looking to be part of the momentum.  McCain’s win in Florida is seen as taking him ahead of the pack.  He’s got the media believing it’s almost over.  And eveyone is trying to get their political favors in early.

This is the style of politics Pres Bush warned against in the State of the Union.  “I’ll support your pork barrel project if you’ll support mine.” 

 This kind of politics is killing the US economy.  It’s draining billions from the federal budget, instead of spending those dollars on necessary infrastructure, or keeping it in the taxpayers’ pockets.

 This is another indication that the political system is broken, and we need a different style of leader.  Obama might do it.  He talks in the language of hope, and people are abandoning the Democratic heir apparent (Ms Clinton) in droves.

Governor Huckabee is the other fresh voice.  Senator Paul is offering “interesting” ideas, but I don’t think his brand of isolationist libertarianism is practical in the current world.  The only Republican voice offering rational solutions and fresh ideas is Governor Mike Huckabee.

If it came to a contest between Huckabee and Obama, it will be an interesting election, filled with thoughtful debates and great ideas.

Or we can settle for McCain, and lose the war of ideas.


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