What kind of work experience?

There’s been talk about ability to govern based on work experience. (Most of this has come from Gov Romney.) However, the talk has excluded discussion that the type of work matters even more than hours on the clock.

Senator McCain was a military officer for 22 years. I work for the military, and know that half the job is leading, advising and motiving those under them. The common joke is about working “half days” – only 12 hours of the day, seven days a week. What I don’t like about Sen McCain is what he has done with the power of leadership. In his zeal to be absolutely honest in all his dealings, he has killed vital programs – most notably the new military refueling tanker, to replace the current fleet that is wearing out quickly. By badgering military leaders, and refusing to confirm key appointments, he has pushed a number of them into retirement, because nothing was getting done. McCain as president would be another four years of Bush, only less fun.

Gov Romney offers a change, but at what cost? His “successful venture capital company” was not a production-based business, but was more like an unregulated bank. They did not produce anything, but simply loaned money with the hopes of multiple hundreds of percent returns (in banking, that would be usery). They often did not get paid until a sizeable portion of a company’s workers were laid off. He ran the Olympics in Salt Lake City, but that was a part-time job (he maintained residency in Mass) and short duration. Similarly, his Governorship was short-lived. His business experiences did not prepare him to work with people that did not agree with him. I can’t see how his presidency would add value to the country. It’s not conservatism, it’s continuance of feudal economics, where the rich get richer by sucking dry the labors of the workers, and then discarding the husks of those worker’ former selves.

Governor Huckabee’s work experience is closer to ours. He was a pastor, which is a mix of teacher, counselor and small-business manager. The value it added to society was that people were better off intellectually and emotionally/spiritually for having been there. Then he was Governor for 10 years. He pulled a corrupt, backward state forward into the modern era. And he did it while working a second job – the small business experience of his band.

Among the three, if you count work experience, there’s only one viable choice. Gotta be Mike.


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